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Strip Blackjack

Probably one of the most entertaining ways of playing a game is when it tickles your imagination a little more than normal or better yet, brings your wildest dreams to life. Strip blackjack is a very exciting and quite an encouraging game to play considering what you can get in return. With the effect that sexual material has on people nowadays, it's no wonder there's so much of it around. Likewise, the online gambling industry is growing at an unbelievable rate, constantly inviting new players and gaining more and more loyal gamblers. There is a large interest in online gambling combined with a little bit of sexual appeal and so to no surprise, strip blackjack has been quite popular among all the games that can be found on the net.

Strip blackjack is the ultimate experience for some, especially those who believe this kind of prize to be worth more than money - and some do. In this game, it's not about the money - it's the clothes that are at stake. The fact that there is 'someone' responding to your way of playing makes it different, more realistic, and without a doubt more exciting.

Just imagine what a great reward you would feel sitting in front of the computer with a beautiful woman staring right back at you, completely focused on you alone and ready to follow your every command. So, how do you get her to do exactly what you want? Well, let's just say it takes some skill, not so much your womanly skills, but the way you play strip blackjack - you have to keep winning in order for the beautiful girl to start revealing. Just like in real life when you're trying to win over a girl, you need to impress her in some way. In this case, your play is what pays in the end and allows you to see the 'whole picture' if you get my drift. So, with no further a due, check out my strategies page for some quick guidelines on how to play the game to get it going your way.

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