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Well, what can I say about blackjack systems? For one, if there is such a thing then send me a message, because so far I have not found one actually works. Yes, I know, everyone is swearing by them left, right and centre but I'm not so sure they would have any evidence to support their beliefs or the facts that they state to be true. The problem with blackjack systems, which is exactly what gets people to fall right into the trap, is that they seems so logical at first. You think about it and ask yourself why you haven't thought of it in the first place. I can assure you with full certainty that all the ways in which blackjack could be beaten have already been taken care of by the casinos. Do you seriously think that casinos would let things like that go by unnoticed? Just think about the history of blackjack. How many times have the rules been switched around in the favour of the casino? That is how blackjack evolved over the years. Little rules were altered here and there, and just kept decreasing the player's chance of getting anywhere.

Beating blackjack in my opinion is impossible, but I do believe that there are ways to play it and increase your chance of winning more. Notice, that I am not telling you that you will definitely win more money. The reason is that blackjack is a game of chance and you can control things only to a certain extent.

I know that me saying that there isn't a single system that will guarantee you that you'll win is not convincing; but just look at gamblers in general. Don't you think that there would be a lot more winners were blackjack systems really effective? Well, I'll leave the decision up to you; afterall, everyone has their own strategy even if it's just following your instinct.

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